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Traditional Versus Modern Games

The very essence of childhood has changed in the last few years and this can be seen by how children's games have evolved over the last few years. Not least that nowadays a large part of childhood playing is done on the computer rather than with a physical toy!

Nowadays you have internet sites offering some incredibly cool and sophisticated games for children, like fashion games for girls

Although many parents are a little concerned that the kids are spending too much time indoors on the computer, many of the online games are actually incredibly educational and children can learn much about the world from them.

As long as they do not spend all their time playing games on the computer then it is not harmful, as they still need to experience the exercise and rough and tumble of more traditional outdoor games. The old games such as tag and hide and seek are still very popular with kids and that is not likely to change.

In a way, children still play with the same things they used to but fashions have changed dramatically. Girls have always played with dolls, but rather than the old fashioned babies they used to play with, they now have fashion-conscious up-to-the-minute teenage dolls.

Boys still play with trucks and cars, but they are now technologically advanced and far more sophisticated.



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Traditional Versus Modern Games

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